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Avacom srl is an Italian firm that commercializes and transports liquid foods, milk, whey and their derivatives for both human and animal consumption.

We have worked in the sector since 1950.
We have seen our customers grow over the years, from the small farmhouse to the international dairy, which has helped us understand the needs and business of each.

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The company has worked in the sector for over 70 years, across three generations. We have a distinct affection for our long-term customers and are very open to new collaborations, always keen to adopt the latest technology.

Our fleet is made up of latest generation vehicles that meet strict anti-pollution requirements. We have steel tanks with 3-compartment isothermal isolation used for ATP-compliant transportation. Our truck capacities range from 32000 to 34000lt.

Our staff is made up of drivers with CE and CQC licenses, who are regularly subjected to eligibility and driver-safety tests.

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Come and visit us in our offices for a free quote: we are waiting for you from Monday to Friday in the hours 8: 30-12: 30 and 14: 00-18: 00. Alternatively, call us at tel: +39 0382 613224 or write to our email address info@avacom.it

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